Financing and Achievements

Project Summary

The proposed project aims to investigate innovative phase change solvents and processes under realistic industrial flue gas compositions, for CO2 capture in energy intensive industries such as quicklime processes. Phase change solvents and processes enable significant reductions in the energetic costs of chemisorption CO2 capture systems, from 4 GJ/ton CO2 in conventional systems to 2.0-2.5GJ/ton CO2. In addition, they enable capture cost reductions per CO2 ton in the order of 50%. However, phase-change solvents and processes have been investigated only under ideal flue gas compositions (CO2/N2), despite that real industrial flue gases contain pollutants such as SO2 and NOx. Both of those result in reduction of the economic performance of CO2 capture units as they increase energetic requirements due to detrimental effect on the CO2 capture abilities of the solvents. Furthermore, they enhance the corrosive effects observed in such units, which is already very significant due to the amines but has received very limited attention in phase change systems even without pollutants.. In this respect, REALCAP introduces significant innovations as it will investigate for the first time the effects of pollutants:
  • In a pilot plant CO2 capture unit for phase-change solvents.
  • In the corrosion of materials used in CO2 capture units.
  • In the phase-equilibrium of phase-change solvents.
  • In the design of optimum CO2 capture processes for the quicklime industry, with simultaneous investigation of possibilities for geological storage.