REALCAP Approach

Financing and Achievements

Project goals

REALCAP targets the evaluation of phase-change solvents for CO2 capture under the influence of realistic, industrial flue gases, so that their effects can be ascertained:

In a pilot plant CO2 capture unit for phase-change solvents.

In the corrosion of materials used in CO2 capture units.

In the phase-equilibrium of phase-change solvents.

In the design of optimum CO2 capture processes for the quicklime industry, with simultaneous investigation of possibilities for geological storage.

REALCAP introduces significant innovations as it will investigate for the first time the effects of pollutants.

The technological project goals involve the assessment with respect to:

The concentration of contaminants in the flue gases which can be handled without affecting CO2 absorption in the selected solvents.

Whether the energetic requirements in phase-change processes may be sustained at a level of 2.0-2.5GJ/ton CO2 when flue gases with realistic contaminant concentrations are used.

Whether the operational and economic functionality of such processes may be sustained down to 50% lower than conventional processes.

Whether the dry SO2 process, used for desulfurization can reduce the concentration of SO2 at a level where phase-change solvents may operate efficiently.

Work packages

WP1. Specifications and analyses of reference flue gases

WP1 includes the pre-selection of solvents, of the specifications of the necessary equipment and of the flue gases. An initial characterization of corrosion will also take place as well as of phase-equilibrium concentrations before the implementation of contaminants. Modelling will also be performed without contaminants in order to develop optimum reference design solutions. Finally, a desulfurization plant will be constructed.

WP3. Experiments in pilot plants and technoeconomic analysis

WP3 will include the upgrading of the pilot plant to handle flue gases with contaminants. Experiments in the pilot plant will follow, while a technoeconomic analysis will also take place, that will also include geological storage.

WP2. Corrosion and phase equilibrium

WP2 involves experiments with flue gases that contain contaminants. Experiments of electrochemical corrosion immersion will be performed, followed by experiments of phase equilibria.